Pound Sweet Flowers
at Nettie Fox Farm


gather a wreath from the garden bowers,

And tell the wish of thy heart in flowers.”

Each summer I grow certified organic cut flowers at Nettie Fox Farm in Newburgh, Maine. I like to think of the arrangements I make as “farm bouquets”.  They are simple, bright and hard-working
(they often last well over a week) and look terrific in a mason jar.  I love traditional cut flowers - zinnias, sunflowers, ageratum, amaranth, scabiosa, bachelor button, statice, gomphrena, rudbeckia, love in a mist, didiscus - and I fill my bouquets with them all season long.  Ornamental grasses and beautiful oddities, such as Green Gold, Ammi and Euphorbia, fill in the spaces between blooms.

I never know what a bouquet will look like when I start.  I take my time and listen to the blooms, and the result is always beautiful.  Sometimes I think I have very little to do with it.

Why organic?
When I pick flowers on a dewey morning or misty evening, I share the space with butterflies, sparrows, hummingbirds and honeybees, buzzing around me, bathing in the pollen and making flower magic happen.  Sometimes blooms get chomped on by less favored insects, but I figure it’s all part of the bigger organic picture.  It matters to me that I could welcome any living beings into the flower patch safe in the knowledge that they won’t encounter any harmful pesticides or herbicides, and they will encounter a few dozen quietly buzzing, healthy pollinators.

Flowers are sold in season at the Nettie Fox Farm stand at the Bangor Farmers’ Market (Sundays, 11-2), Brewer Farmers’ Market (Saturdays, 8:30-1) and the Northeast Harbor Farmers’ Market (Thursdays 8-11). For a special occasion, just send me an email or give a call.